Best places to enjoy chai in San Antonio

We can’t always set aside enough time to make our own food and drinks – in an urban environment, especially one as hectic as San Antonio, every saved minute counts.

Fortunately, the city isn’t short on establishments that offer some of the best exotic tea out there. Here are some of the best chai places in San Antonio – some are traditional, others more urban, but they all have one thing in common: chai that’s worth making the trip for. Continue reading “Best places to enjoy chai in San Antonio”

What is chai and how is it made

Despite being considered a relatively exotic drink, chai has been gaining a lot of popularity in the U.S.. But what is it, really, and more importantly, is it as good for you as they say?

What chai is about

The word ‘chai’ brings about some misconceptions, especially when used as a prefix for ‘tea’. In reality, there isn’t really any difference between chai and tea – they’re two words referring to the same drink. Continue reading “What is chai and how is it made”