Best places to enjoy chai in San Antonio

We can’t always set aside enough time to make our own food and drinks – in an urban environment, especially one as hectic as San Antonio, every saved minute counts.

Fortunately, the city isn’t short on establishments that offer some of the best exotic tea out there. Here are some of the best chai places in San Antonio – some are traditional, others more urban, but they all have one thing in common: chai that’s worth making the trip for.

Chai in San Antonio

Starbucks: Who didn’t see this one coming? As you might expect, the king of warm beverages sells some sweet chai. Like most chai-selling places worth their salt, Starbucks boasts an amazing variety of different blends – being a coffee shop and all, many of them are heavily caffeinated and milk-centric, which may be welcomed by some and hated by others. While you won’t enjoy an exotic Asian interior decor while sipping your chai, the affordability and quality of the teas available should make up for it.

La Taza Coffee Shop: One thing La Taza has going for it over Starbucks is the atmosphere: while the latter suffers from a constant stream of strapped-for-time individuals looking to get their coffee to go, the former lets you sit back and enjoy your chai without feeling rushed. Like Starbucks, La Taza offers an impressive variety of chai blends, although the coffee shop also has various pastry items that will make your sip all the more enjoyable.

Hinee Gourmet Coffee: Perhaps more than anyone else on this list, Hinee’s owners and workers are true coffee and chai enthusiasts – here, you’ll be able to try hot beverages that aren’t available anywhere else in the city. Like La Taza, Hinee boasts a friendly and relaxing atmosphere where every customer is catered to with attention – it’s a great place to meet fellow coffee and tea enthusiasts and exchange blend suggestions. Oh, and did we also mention that their chai is top-notch?

Simi’s India Couisine: Since the most common form of chai originates from India, it seems reasonable enough to visit an Indian restaurant to have a good sip. As it stands, Simi’s doesn’t have nearly as many chai varieties as some larger hot beverage vendors do, but you’ll know the available blends come straight from the source. Perhaps more importantly, Simi’s also has plenty of original Indian dishes to complement your chai with, all made in accordance with the country’s culinary tradition.

Barnes & Noble: A bookstore selling chai? Strange times. Don’t get put off by Barnes & Noble’s status as a library giant though – they actually make some great chai to boot. As great as your tea might be, you might find yourself feeling a bit too idle after a few sips – B&N has the perfect remedy in the form of an assortment of great books and magazines to read while sipping. If you’re not big on reading out of a book, there’s also a fast Wi-Fi connection on the premises – simply bring your laptop and enjoy your chai together with some good entertainment. All in all, Barnes & Noble makes for a great chai location in a rather unusual place.