Best places to enjoy coffee and tea in Corpus Christi

Most decent coffee and tea places offer a lot more than hot beverages: they aim to provide a relaxing atmosphere and will often let you pair your drink with some great food to boot. Therefore, when looking for the ideal place to sit back and sip on some coffee or tea, it pays to consider the overall package of the place on top of the all-important drink taste.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the best places for coffee and tea in Corpus Christi with the aforementioned criteria in mind.

 Chai in Corpus Christi

Hester’s Cafe and Coffee Bar: On top of serving coffee that could give Starbucks a run for its money as well as many blends of tea with an exotic taste to them, Hester’s also has some great food to boot. The range of choices on the menu is impressively varied for a place that labels itself as a ‘cafe and bar’: from unusual soups to exquisite pastry to full breakfasts, Hester’s will have you feeling full and content no matter the hour of your visit.

The Yin Yang Fandango and The Tango Tea Room: Not many places in the city can brag about having a specialized tea room, but the Yin Yang Fandango has just that: with dozens of different tea blends ranging from mild green tea to thick chai mixtures, it’s the prime spot in Corpus Christi for tea connoisseurs or simply those looking for a great hot beverage. Yet quality tea is far from the only thing that the Fandango offers: while they don’t have much in the way of a traditional menu, their selection of exotic and spicy food is terrific and makes the place worth paying a visit to whenever you’re looking for something different.

Great American Cookies: What’s better to have alongside your coffee than some true American cookies? Since very few customers can resist trying one or more cookie varieties on-site, it’s hard to assess GAC’s coffee as an individual entity, but we’d say it’s pretty good. If you have a sweet tooth and a love for caffeine, this place could easily become your favorite establishment in the city.

Scoopz Frozen Yoghurt: Like Great American Cookies, Scoopz’s place aims to go above and beyond just serving coffee by offering some great dessert choices as well. If you’re tired of cookies, perhaps endless varieties of frozen yoghurt will be more to your liking – don’t get caught thinking that all yoghurt tastes the same, as the staff at Scoopz make every single frozen yoghurt they serve come off as a unique dish that’s best eaten slow-like.

Starbucks: While Starbucks hardly offers something that can’t be found elsewhere, the quality of their hot beverages has given the brand an almost cult-like following. Aside from serving infinite blends of great-tasting coffee, Starbucks also has a decent variety of teas to boot. You can also count on friendly and attentive staff no matter the address you’re on, which isn’t all that common when dealing with franchises as big as this one.